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法医学杂志 2018, Vol. 34 Issue (5) :512-515    DOI: 10.12116/j.issn.1004-5619.2018.05.015
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洪  翔1,包朝胜1,郑卫龙2
1. 浙江省人民检察院技术处,浙江 杭州 310012; 2. 永康市公安局刑警大队,浙江 永康 321300
Inference on Injury Mechanism of Ankle Fracture by Lauge-Hansen Classification
HONG Xiang1, BAO Chao-sheng1, ZHENG Wei-long2
1. Department of Technology, People’s Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou 310012, China; 2. Criminal Police Brigade of Yongkang Public Security Bureau, Yongkang 321300, China

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摘要 目的 探讨应用医学影像学Lauge-Hansen分型推断踝关节骨折的成伤机制及其在法医学中的应用价值。 方法 收集2013年1月至2018年5月在浙江省永康市公安局进行法医学鉴定并可获知成伤机制的32例踝关节骨折案例。由3名资深法医分别根据X线、CT等影像学资料进行踝关节骨折Lauge-Hansen分型。使用SPSS 20.0统计软件对Lauge-Hansen分型结果与通过案情获知的踝关节骨折成伤机制进行Fisher精确检验和Kappa一致性分析。 结果 32例中有84.4%(27/32)的踝关节骨折可进行影像学Lauge-Hansen分型。应用Lauge-Hansen分型推断踝关节骨折成伤机制与通过案情获知的成伤机制在结果上一致。 结论 综合影像学手段进行Lauge-Hansen分型,可较好地应用于部分踝关节骨折成伤机制的推断,为刑事案件现场重建提供客观依据。
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关键词法医学   创伤和损伤   踝关节骨折   Lauge-Hansen分型   成伤机制     
Abstract: Objective To explore the injury mechanism of ankle fracture inferred by the Lauge-Hansen classification with the application of medical imageology and its application value in forensic medicine. Methods A total of 32 ankle fracture cases with known injury mechanism were collected from January 2013 to May 2018, which were identified in Yongkang Public Security Bureau, Zhejiang Province. The Lauge-Hansen classification of ankle fracture was performed by three forensic experts based on the data of X-ray and CT image. Fisher’s exact test and Kappa consistency analysis were performed by SPSS 20.0 statistical software to compare the results of the Lauge-Hansen classification with the injury mechanism of ankle fracture obtained through the criminal evidence. Results In 32 cases, 84.4% (27/32) ankle fractures were classified according to the Lauge-Hansen classification based on medical imaging. The mechanism of ankle fracture identified by the Lauge-Hansen classification was consistent with that obtained through the criminal evidence. Conclusion Based on medical imaging, the Lauge-Hansen classification can be well applied to infer the injury mechanism of ankle fracture in part cases, and provide objective evidence for the crime scene reconstruction of criminal cases.
Keywordsforensic medicine   wounds and injuries   ankle fracture   Lauge-Hansen classification   injury mechanism     
About author: 洪翔(1976—),男,硕士,主要从事法医临床学、法医病理学损伤鉴定和管理;E-mail:hxe-mail@163.com
洪翔,包朝胜,郑卫龙.Lauge-Hansen分型推断踝关节骨折成伤机制[J]  法医学杂志, 2018,34(5): 512-515
HONG Xiang, BAO Chao-sheng, ZHENG Wei-long.Inference on Injury Mechanism of Ankle Fracture by Lauge-Hansen Classification[J]  法医学杂志, 2018,34(5): 512-515
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