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法医学杂志 2018, Vol. 34 Issue (3) :248-252    DOI: 10.12116/j.issn.1004-5619.2018.03.006
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向  平,沈保华,严  慧,施  妍,刘  伟,沈  敏,吴何坚,卓先义
司法鉴定科学研究院 上海市法医学重点实验室 上海市司法鉴定专业技术服务平台,上海 200063
Identification of New Designer Benzodiazepine Diclazepam in Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault#br#
XIANG Ping, SHEN Bao-hua, YAN Hui, SHI Yan, LIU Wei, SHEN Min, WU He-jian, ZHUO Xian-yi
Shanghai Key Laboratory of Forensic Medicine, Shanghai Forensic Service Platform, Academy of Forensic Science, Shanghai 200063, China

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摘要 目的 利用高分辨质谱等技术鉴定药物辅助性犯罪案件中涉及的不在常规检测范围的、完全未知的新型策划药,解决实际案例中的证据问题。 方法 实际案例中缴获的乳白色液体经提取后使用LC-QE、1H-NMR和GC-MS等方法进行分析。通过LC-QE获得未知化合物的精确质量数和同位素离子峰簇特征,结合1H-NMR的质子数确定元素组成为C16H12Cl2N2O。通过GC-MS分离、分析同分异构体2-氯地西泮和4-氯地西泮。 结果 乳白色液体中检出新型苯二氮■类策划药2-氯地西泮,为案件的侦查和定性提供直接证据。 结论 LC-QE、1H-NMR和GC-MS等多种方法联合应用可进行未知、新型精神活性物质鉴定。
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关键词法医毒理学   苯二氮■类   策划药   2-氯地西泮   药物辅助性犯罪   LC-QE     
Abstract: Objective To identify the new designer drugs which are totally unknown and not in the routine testing list by the technologies such as high-resolution mass spectrometry in drug facilitated sexual assault, in order to solve the problem in actual cases. Methods The milky fluid from an actual case was extracted and analyzed using LC-QE, 1H-NMR and GC-MS, respectively. The accurate masses and cluster ions isotope patterns of unknown compound were obtained by LC-QE. The molecular formula was confirmed as C16H12Cl2N2O based on the protons number of 1H-NMR. The isomers diclazepam and 4-chlorodiazepam were separated and detected with GC-MS. Results The new designer benzodiazepine as diclazepam in the milky fluid was identified. The results provided direct evidence for the investigation and qualitative analysis of such cases. Conclusion The combined application of various methods, including LC-QE, 1H-NMR and GC-MS, can be used to detect unknown new psychoactive substances.
Keywordsforensic toxicology   benzodiazepine   designer drugs   diclazepam   drug-facilitated sexual assault   LC-QE     
Fund:“十三五”国家重点研发计划资助项目(2016YFC0800 704);上海市科委资助项目(15dz1207500);中央级科研院所基本科研业务费资助项目(GY2017D-1);上海市法医学重点实验室资助项目(17DZ2273200);上海市司法鉴定专业技术服务平台资助项目(16DZ2290900)
Corresponding Authors: 卓先义,男,研究员,主要从事法医毒物学研究;E-mail:zhuoxy@ssfjd.cn   
About author: 向平(1968—),女,博士,研究员,主要从事法医毒物学研究;E-mail:xiangp@ssfjd.cn
向平,沈保华,严慧,等.药物辅助性犯罪案件中新型苯二氮■类策划药2-氯地西泮的鉴定[J]  法医学杂志, 2018,34(3): 248-252
XIANG Ping, SHEN Bao-hua, YAN Hui,et al.Identification of New Designer Benzodiazepine Diclazepam in Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault#br#[J]  法医学杂志, 2018,34(3): 248-252
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